what is the difference between the kits?


what do the colors mean?

The Adapters are color coded by size:

  • Red “Large” Adapter - 33mm
  • Orange “Medium” Adapter - 28mm
  • Yellow “Small” Adapter - 24mm
  • Green “Extra Small” Adapter - 22mm
  • Blue “XX Small” Adapter - 20mm

We offer our Dispensing Stand in different colors, however they are the same size:

  • Purple “XL” Dispensing Stand - 38mm
  • Black “XL” Dispensing Stand - 38mm
  • Grey “XL” Dispensing Stand - 38mm

how do i know what size i need?

You will quickly figure it out by trial and error, but here are some quick references to help you out:

  • Use JUST the Dispensing Stand (size XL, no adapter needed) for: Gallon and Half-Gallon Bottles, Larger Creamy Dressings, Honey, Mustard, BBQ Sauce, Workshop Glue and More
  • Use the Dispensing Stand + Add the Red “Large” Adapter for: Warehouse Club - Size Pump Shampoo/Conditioner, Hand Soap Refills, Liquid & Gel Dishwasher Detergent, Ketchup, Chocolate Syrup and More
  • Use the Dispensing Stand + Add the Orange “Medium” Adapter for: Most Conditioner, Shampoo, Lotion, Sunscreen, Hair Gel, Sriracha, Pancake Syrup, Baby Care Products, Motor Oil, Dish Soap and More
  • Use the Dispensing Stand + Add the Yellow “Small” Adapter for: Most Smaller Bottles, including Face Cleanser, Face Lotion, Abrasive Cleaners, Liquid Car Wax, Leather Conditioner, Hand Sanitizer and More
  • Use the Dispensing Stand + Add the Green “Extra Small” adapter for travel size, sundry, hotel ammenity, and other small bottles with neck threads that are the diameter of a US nickel
  • Use the Dispensing Stand + Add the Blue “XX Small” adapter for travel size, sundry, sample, hotel ammenity, and other bottles with neck threads that are the diameter of a US penny

how long do the gaskets last?

If treated properly, you can expect your gaskets to last for a long time. They are washable and re-usable many times over.

Gaskets prevent leaks! Always make sure to use a gasket inside each Flip-It! part.

how do i clean the Flip-It!?

When your bottle is empty, disassemble the Flip-It! and wash the various components either by hand (suggested) or in the dishwasher (all parts have tested top-shelf dishwasher safe), then reuse the Flip-It! on another bottle.

Give the Flip-It! valve tip a gentle tug to remove it completely from the Dispensing Stand, so you can clean it thoroughly.

tips and techniques

If your bottle thread is the size of a nickel, purchase our Extra Small Green Adapters

If your bottle thread is the size of a penny, purchase our XX Small Blue Adapters

For super-thick liquids, run warm water over the bottom of the bottle to allow the product to move down to the Flip-It!

is there anything it doesn't work on?

Flip-It! is designed for standard threaded bottles only. It will not work on “snap cap” bottles. Flip-It! fits the majority of bottles worldwide, though occasionally a company will create a unique size or thread for their bottles which won’t work with Flip-It!. Not for use on non-squeezable bottles.

the package says Flip-It! helps with recycling. how so?

In order for plastics to be recycled, they need to be thoroughly cleaned. By completely emptying your bottles of residual product, you are putting cleaner bottles into the recycling stream, saving water and energy which would otherwise be required to get those bottles clean.

i’m trying to decide if they're worth the money. Convince me.

The struggle is real! According to Consumer Reports®, up to 25% of household products are wasted because people can’t get them out of the bottle. From the first moment you begin to use the Flip-It!, your days of wasting and struggling are over.