Expanded Super Deluxe Flip-It!® Bottle Emptying Kit™

Expanded Super Deluxe Flip-It!® Bottle Emptying Kit™


• Two colors of base caps to help you to be better organized: his/hers, foods/non foods, parents/kids, etc..

• The widest selection of size adapters of any kit we offer

• Save Money, reduce frustration and save time in the bathroom, shower, kitchen, pantry, office, workshop, garage and more

• Get Every Drop of the products you’ve already paid for

• Gravity does the work — you just open the valve and squeeze

• Fits most standard screw-top bottles worldwide — even gallon and half-gallon bottles

• Washable & reusable. Each component can be washed over and over, either by hand or on the top shelf in a dishwasher

• Food Grade & BPA Free

• Easy to follow illustrated instructions make using the system a snap

• Each Dispensing Stand can be used alone on bottles with XL necks, or used with one of the Adapters for bottles with smaller neck sizes

• Expanded 24-piece kit includes 3 purple and 3 gray Flip-It!® Dispensing Stands and an assortment of adapters: 2 Large, 6 Medium, 6 Small, 2 Extra Small, and 2 XXS Adapters. Also includes a full set (plus extra) of re-usable leak proof gaskets and a free storage mesh bag

Don’t Toss It…Flip-It!

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