Single Pack Flip-It!® Bottle Emptying Kit™

Single Pack Flip-It!® Bottle Emptying Kit™

  • Great for gifts and stocking stuffers! Or keep it for yourself… (We won’t tell!)

  • Save money, reduce frustration and save time in the bathroom, shower, kitchen, pantry, office, workshop, garage and more

  • Get Every Drop of the products you’ve already paid for

  • Gravity does the work — you just open the valve and squeeze

  • Fits most standard screw-top bottles worldwide — even gallon and half-gallon bottles

  • Washable & reusable. Each component can be washed over and over, either by hand or on the top shelf in a dishwasher.

  • Food Grade & BPA Free

  • Includes 1 Purple Flip-It!® Dispensing Stand, which can be used alone on bottles with XL necks like BBQ sauce and honey, or used with one of the Adapters for bottles with smaller neck sizes (each individual pack includes 1 Large, 1 Medium and 1 Small Adapter, plus reusable leak-proof gaskets)

Don’t Toss It…Flip-It!

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