Intellectual Property Notice

A Notice to the Trade About Our Intellectual Property

Flip-It® Cap Company (Flip-It®) has invested considerable financial resources to invent, design, engineer, manufacture, and market the Flip-It® Cap System in the U.S. and Internationally. We highly regard our Intellectual Property and expect others (e.g. vendors, competitors, retailers, and distributors) to do so as well.

Copyright 2016.The Flip-It® Cap System is protected by US Patents D734668, D724943, D724944 and D755627. Flip-It® will aggressively protect its Intellectual Property rights to the fullest extent allowed by law. Patent and trademark notices have been applied to all of Flip-It®'s relevant products and/or packaging to inform the trade that Flip-It® Cap Company has taken the appropriate steps to protect its' Intellectual Property.