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Tired of struggling to get thick liquids out of the bottle ... or throwing away product you’ve already paid for?

The struggle is real! According to Consumer Reports®, up to 25% of household products are wasted because people can’t get them out of the bottle.

The solution: Flip-It!® Bottle Emptying Kit™! This problem-solver saves you time and money. Great for your wallet and the environment!

No more shaking, pounding, leaning or cutting to get product out of your bottles! Now it’s easy to Get Every Drop with Flip-It!®

  • Balance your bottle upside down on the unique tripod Dispensing Stand
  • Push/pull valve makes it easy to squeeze out product
  • To avoid leaks, the bottle wobbles when you haven’t shut the valve completely
  • Easy to clean and reuse — top-shelf dishwasher safe (for best results, hand wash with warm water and mild soap)
  • Food-Grade and BPA-Free — safe for the whole family

The problem doesn’t end with the blue bin. 

The dirty truth is that bottles discarded with product left inside (soaps, lotions, sun block, food items, cleaning chemicals, adhesives, motor oils, etc..) are not easily recyclable. This is because as the bottles are chopped up, that remaining product contaminates not only the processing equipment, but all of the other plastic as well. As a result, millions of tons of contaminated waste plastic finds its way to the Earth’s landfills and Oceans, where those contaminants leach into our soil and water. By using Flip-It!®, cleaner, emptier bottles join the recycling stream, tremendously reducing the impact of discarded bottles on the Earth’s delicate ecosystems.